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Joseph Bellino III
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Bellisimo! Bellino

Near the Amalfi coast in Italy, by the little mountain village of Roscigno, lies a secluded valley that remains quaint and unblemished by modernization.

It's thought to be a magical place by the village people because it's forever blooming with wonderful fragrances like lavender, jasmine, sage and eucalyptus nearly 365 days a year.

It was here, centuries ago, that the villagers of Roscigno, under the strict guidance of the Bellino family, carefully harvested the valley's bounty to create Bellino Perfume.

Famous through all of Italy and Europe for its pure fragrance, it has inspired both poet and artist to praise its miraculous qualities in verse, song and frescoes. It has even been rumored among royalty and common folk alike that Bellino Perfume has the power to turn back the clock! To restore one back to a natural, youthful look. Folk Tale? Fact or fiction? To Italians it doesn't matter as long as one sees their ageless beauty in the mirror!
Allora ... Bella Figura!

Created by the family matriarch LaDonna Ninna, the Bellino secret formulation has been handed down to the oldest male heir since the 13th century. Today, that heir and custodian to the secret formula is Joseph A. Bellino III.

Acknowledged as one of Europe's most eligible bachelors, and honored by his family for his determination and dedication to preserving the family heritage, Signore Bellino is very much the "Renaissance man."

Parfumeur, artist, scholar, doctor, musician, poet, philosopher, and homeopathic herbalist - all these talents are beautifully blended into a person of undeniable charm and intellect. Yet, for all his varied interests, he is focused and dedicated to his family heritage. This dedication is manifested by his mano a mano approach to every stage in creating the world's finest pure perfume. Whether it's the harvesting of the valley's botanicals and herbs, or the condensing of their essences, Signore Bellino keeps his watchful eye on each process and maintains his strict standards for utmost purity of each perfume, bearing his family name - Bellino. No wonder it's acknowledged to be the quintessential perfume formulation of all times.

Maintaining various residences in America, and traveling to his family home in Italy, Signore Bellino continues to offer his family's perfume to a limited and selective clientele of international aficionados of beauty wellness.


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